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Britain Seat Reservations

Travelling with a ScotRail M-Pass allows you to take any train on Britain’s National Rail Network at your leisure. To best support this flexibility while travelling, it is recommended to place a seat reservation. While it is not mandatory it can guarantee a seat for peak times such as:

  • travelling during rush hour times
  • travelling during a national holiday or celebration
  • travelling with companions that require sitting together
  • to ensure catching a flight with a tight connection

Should any of your travel plans fall under these examples, a seat reservation can help ensure your journey runs smoothly. In order to place a seat reservation a pass is required and the reservation is for each individual pass holder for each train for a nominal fee.


A Britain Seat Reservation is to be used for the specific train, date and time that was selected while making the reservation. A seat reservation is available for either First or Second Class for adult fares but it must match the class of the pass. To clarify, if you purchased a pass in Standard Class then you are unable to place a seat reservation to travel in First Class.


Britain Seat Reservations can only be placed by pass holders. The pass must be valid for travel during the same period as the reserved seat and must be accompanied by the pass holder for travel. These seat reservations are available to everyone.

Pre-booking time

1 year


Simply print out the itinerary and bring it on board to show train staff the NRS Booking Reference # along with your valid pass.

Conditions of use

Britain Seat Reservations are non-refundable.

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