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Suggested days out from Glasgow and Edinburgh by train

Scotland’s 4th city – once famous for the manufacturing of Jute – a textile used in sackmaking, and a shipbuilding industry which produced, amongst other vessels, Captain Scott’s Ship RSS Discovery, which is on public display at Dundee’s Discovery Point. One of Dundee’s original Jute mills, the Verdant Works, survives as a museum vividly bringing to life the past daily grind for many inhabitants of the city.

Trains from Edinburgh cross the famous Forth Rail Bridge and, just before arriving in Dundee, the Tay Bridge. Glance out of the train windows and you’ll see the peers of the original Tay Bridge, which collapsed under the weight of a train on a stormy night in 1879 with the loss of 76 lives. (Trains from Glasgow take a different route and do not cross the bridges.)

Hourly trains from Edinburgh – Journey time just under 1 hr 15 minutes
Hourly trains from Glasgow – Journey time 1 hour and 19 minutes.


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